Why hotels in Prague keep kosher

The Jews have kept kosher for thousands of years according to their sacred beliefs. They believe in God as the creator and sustainer of the world and also believe that there is a covenant between God and the Jews in which they were given the Torah and mandated to uphold the commandments. A part of the covenant is what is known as the kosher laws. Based on this, there are several reasons why a kosher hotel in Prague keeps kosher. These reasons are actually benefits in themselves and here are some of them –


There are a lot of laws which are aimed at promoting health. It is forbidden to eat animals that were not slaughtered properly and had its blood drained as this is one of the ways that bacteria grow. It is also forbidden to eat animals which have health problems or lung abscess. It is forbidden for milk and meat to be eaten in one dish as they digest at different rates which can be tough for the body to handle. Foods which can cause hives such as shellfish and lobsters are not eaten too. Prey birds are also not kosher.


It is forbidden to be cruel to animals according to the Torah. Being sensitive to animal feelings is highly advocated. A kid is forbidden to be boiled in the milk of its mother and a mother cannot be killed at the same time as her young ones. Animal limbs are forbidden to be removed (usually done prior to being refrigerated) as long as the animal is still breathing. Concern should be shown for animals even while slaughtering them. While being slaughtered, it should be as painless as possible. The knife being used should be extremely sharp to make the process as painless as possible. All this is a reminder to be compassionate and not vicious.

National unity

The Jews are on a special mission to repair the world (Tikkun Olam) and eating a kosher diet is a reminder of what that mission is. A kosher meal also helps to keep the Jewish people together as one and help them to fulfill their special mission to the world. Keeping kosher is another way of showing gratitude to God for redeeming the Jews from captivity in Egypt and also symbolizes the holy covenant.



According to the Torah, the Jewish people are holy and must, therefore, eat holy food. You are simply what you consume. When it comes to spirituality, God’s diet for holy people is essentially kosher. Non-kosher diet is believed to inhibit the soul’s spiritual potential. Kosher animals if properly killed and appropriately prepared have increased sparks of holiness.


Showing a high level of discipline in what you eat and when you eat, then you can also be much disciplined in other spheres of life. It is required by the Kashrut that after eating meat, you should wait for some time before consuming dairy products. It is also required that certain foods cannot be combined and this helps to build self-discipline.

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