What to Feed a Sick Cat That Won't Eat

A cat that goes with out food for 24 to 48 hours can develop hepatic lipidosis, because cats normally eat small meals throughout the day. This is the reason cat owners need to keep a close eye on their cat’s food intake. If you see even a slight change in the cat’s eating behavior, you will need to act immediately. First you will need to make sure that the reason you cat isn't eating is because it is sick. Once you have made sure that your cat is sick and that’s why its not eating then you should see your vet and get proper medication, meanwhile these

tips will make your cat get its appetite back.

Heat it up:

If it smells good, the cat will be attracted towards it more than usual even if it is sick. If you heat up the food for 10 to 5 seconds in the microwave or add a bit of water to it and heat it up on the stove then the smell will attract the cat more than room temperature food.

Go for A Different Flavor:

Try changing the flavor for a bit, may be that will encourage your cat to eat. Make sure that you have read the ingredients before buying new food. Make sure it has the same medical and health benefits that the previous one does. This might refresh your cat’s palate. Mix together a plate of people food and cat food, this will tempt your cat to eat. Mixing fish oil, broth, or cooked egg can also do the trick.

Add something tasty:

Adding more taste to the food will lure your cat to the food. Cat’s smell food from miles, so when you sprinkle bonito flakes or cat vitamin powder, they will sense the change and start eating. Other things like raw liver or canned tuna, can also lure the cat to eat. Be sure that you are in control of the amount every meal. Because excess vitamins can harm the health of your cat.

Changing bowls may help:

Cats can become moody and irritated with their stuff when they are ill. There might be a slight chance that you cat isn't eating because it’s disliking the current bowl.  Each cat has different taste in bowls, like Himalayan or exotic breed don't eat from shallow bowls or flat plates.

Food and medication don’t go hand in hand:

If any one can hold a grudge, its cats. Do not mix the medication in the food, because if you do and the cat senses it, it will never touch that brand of food till the day they die. This is their nature, once bitten twice shy always. Its better to be upfront with the whole medication charade. So, they will know that the food and medication is separate.

Feeding time equals to Fun time:

Make the feeding time fun, sit with your cat, spread out toys and such to make the food more appealing. Cats love attention.  Try installing a diffuser, which will make the cat feel safe and secure. Diffusers send out message to cats, indicating that everything is okay. This security is very much needed when the cat is ill or sick.

different types of food


Work with the vet:

If nothing works, then you will need a detailed follow up with the vet. Or you can try find here more things you can do. Tell your vet everything possible about your cat, be sure not to leave anything out. With the help of your vet make a good diet plan for your cat. Take tips and hack from the vet to feed your cat.

These are the things you can do, while you wait for the vet to make an official call, to make your cat eat again.

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